Create a New Account

  • User is able to work in the United States legally.
  • User understands that information collected may be subject to public records requests.
  • User understands that the nature of information provided is like a job application and false information will be removed from the registry.
  • User understands entry of information into the registry in no way guarantees the user work.
  • User understands that court users may contact the user for additional information as part of any hiring or contracting process.
  • User understands that user will be contacted through email on an annual basis to verify user information. User understands that if the user fails to respond to this email within twelve (12) days, user name will be removed from the registry and user will be notified by email of the removal.
  • User should contact the Administrative Office of the Courts at [email protected] to re-register.
  • User understands that their information may be removed from the registry at any time.
  • User understands that information related to Arizona’s credentialing program will be maintained by the Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • User understands that entry of the required fields is a necessary first step to entering Arizona’s credentialing program.
  • User understands that the Administrative Office of the Courts may send occasional SMS text messages if a cell phone number is provided.